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无论您是未来的学生还是只是参观波士顿地区,美高梅游戏中心都邀请您 explore our dynamic campus and experience firsthand how MIT is making a better world.

Currently, 欢迎游客进入校园的户外空间,并可在陪同下进入非住宅校园建筑. See the visitors policy for full details.

MIT is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, across the Charles River from Boston, in the vibrant innovation district of Kendall Square. Founded in 1865, 美高梅mg游戏大厅学院建立了一种新型的独立美高梅mg游戏大厅机构,与日益工业化的美国相关. Since then, 该研究所建立了一个强大的传统,即在技术和人文的交汇处为公众利益解决问题.

Welcome Center

There is construction at the Kendall Square T station next to the Welcome Center; please leave extra time to navigate to our building.

The MIT Welcome Center is open at 292 Main Street in Kendall Square,毗邻Kendall/MIT MBTA地铁站,交通便利. 顺便去咨询一下参观美高梅mg游戏大厅学院的建议,然后买一辆 campus map (使用洗手间,给水瓶装满水,或者给手机充电). 邻近的绿地也是一个吃午饭或休息的好地方. Open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.–6 p.m., excluding MIT holidays and Institute closures. 

MIT欢迎中心是Tina和Hamid (1977 SB, 1978 SM) Moghadam的礼物.

MIT Welcome Center

Campus Tours & Information Sessions

本科招生办公室为未来的学生举办虚拟和面对面的信息会议. Visit to register. 请注意:美高梅游戏中心无法安排未预约的客人参加介绍会, 所以请务必提前注册.

未来的研究生通常会通过个别的院系来安排参观 MIT Sloan School of Management and select departments within the School of Engineering offer tours.


Getting Here & Getting Around

美高梅mg游戏大厅学院欢迎中心是开始参观的一个好地方,它位于 292 Main Street, Cambridge. Parking can be tough here! 美高梅游戏中心建议乘坐公共交通工具或出租车/拼车服务(如Uber或Lyft)前往校园.

Via public transportation

波士顿的公共交通系统是 MBTA, known as “the T.”

  • Subway:从罗根机场的任何终点站,乘坐银线巴士到南站. 在南站转乘红线地铁前往Kendall/MIT(入站往Alewife方向). 乘车时间约30分钟,免费. 

  • Bus: The 64, 68, and 85 lines stop near the MIT Welcome Center. The #1 bus 在马萨诸塞大道(Massachusetts Avenue)停靠,从欢迎中心步行约15分钟.

  • Shuttle: The EZ Ride shuttle runs to and from Boston’s North Station, with stops at Kendall Square and around MIT’s campus (Note: EZRide is not operated by the MBTA; fare is $2 cash per trip).

From Logan Airport

  • Taxi or rideshare字体从机场到香港的出租车价格约为35至40美元,而拼车服务的价格约为20至35美元. During non-rush hour, the ride will take about 15 minutes; during rush hour, it may take 30 minutes or more.

  • Subway:从罗根机场的任何终点站,乘坐银线巴士到南站. 在南站转乘红线地铁前往Kendall/MIT(入站往Alewife方向). The ride should take about 30 minutes.


  • South Station, Boston, is the closest train station. 南站有马萨诸塞湾交通局红线,在MIT/Kendall站连接MIT.


  • 蓝单车是波士顿地区的公共自行车共享项目. There are several stations around campus for renting or returning a bike. Visitors may purchase an Adventure Pass, which is valid for 24 hours.


  • 在剑桥和波士顿停车既贵又难找. Whenever possible, 把车停在你住的地方,使用公共交通工具或出租车/拼车服务. 如果你必须开车到校园,街道上和街道下的停车场都是收费的,但大多数 public parking is not very close to the center of campus. 更多停车信息可从 Parkopedia.

Cyclists pass by the Collier Memorial.

While You’re Here

从艺术和建筑到历史和文化, there is plenty to see and do, 无论是在校园里还是大波士顿地区. Explore the MIT Events Calendar to see what's happening on campus. Many events are open to the public.

Currently, 欢迎游客进入校园的户外空间,并可在陪同下进入非住宅校园建筑. See the visitors policy for full details.

On the MIT campus

Around Cambridge and Boston

Other resources
Killian Court and the Great Dome
Jaume Plensa的《美高梅mg游戏大厅》是美高梅mg游戏大厅学院公共艺术收藏的一部分.